Sunday, February 06, 2005

Pride and Prejudice (part II)

This is the second installment of Pride and Prejudice. The saga continues!!

“Lecherous old man!” Mads spit out, along with a few colourful, unprintable expletives.
Everyone dispersed quickly, tired after the proceedings of the day, but more so to gossip about the surprising and shocking turn of events.
Mads retired to her own little, half broken down hut.
Soon night fell (hope it didn’t get too hurt). Mads was sleeping under the jasmine tree outside her hut. At the other end of town, Tarun Arun could not sleep, because mosquitoes would not let him. So he thought, why not go see the beautiful girl he had seen before?
So he got onto his horse, Ashwas, who was quite displeased at having been woken up and determined to give his master a hard ride.
After a very bumpy ride, which had nothing to do with the condition of the roads, he reached Mads’ hut. He found her sleeping and a mad thought struck him, “What if she is Sleeping Beauty and I the Prince who would wake her up with a kiss?!”
He then proceeded to bend his head to kiss her, when at that very moment her eyes flew open. And along with her eyes, her right hand flew towards Tarun Arun’s face where it landed on his cheek with such velocity, as it had never experienced before. Tarun Arun also had not experienced anything like this ever before. Both were shocked and the echo of the slap reverberated all around them.
Tarun Arun drew back, holding his stinging cheek. Mads stared at him and blabbered, “I’m so sorry! I…. I thought that…. That…” She stared at him again and gasped, “Why!”, she thought, “He looks really good!” She was slowly falling for him, but tried to restrain herself, as she wasn’t one to give into ‘extreme emotions’, especially those of the ‘attracted’ kind.
She finished her sentence after what seemed like eons, “I thought you were king Gaja What’s-his-name.”
“High hopes!’ Tarun Arun Mumbled.
“What?” Mads asked eagerly.
“Nothing”, Tarun Arun mumbled again.
“What?” asked Mads, almost snapping.
Tarun Arun did not waste anymore time and said, “hi! I’m Tarun Arun; my pals call me TA for short. You could call me that too. I saw you today afternoon. I think you are the most courageous and beautiful woman in all the three worlds. You have luxuriant hair, doe-like eyes, lovely lips, great arms, great legs (huff, huff!). Terrific figure…” TA (I hope I’m not getting too familiar!) stopped here as he was out of breath.
“Tell me more. What do you think of my nose?” Mads purred.
“Huh? Your…. ummm… Oh yeah! Your nose! Er… ummm…. It’s fine. Your nose is just fine!” he finished lamely.“By the way, what is your name?” he asked.


:..M..: said...

You ought to start directing plays. You'll do amazing with your humor. I can imagine all this writing in my head and you actually narrating out to me. I'd have pretty much laughed till I had tears in my eyes!!

Phoenix Rises said...

Thunku, thunku M ji! hope u continue to like all the installments!!