Thursday, September 21, 2006


I was going to post this on the 14th of September, but completely forgot! :(( If you are wondering what was so special about the 14th of September, well, it was my Phoenix Tattoo's 2nd Birthday! I'd already posted a long tribute to it last year, so I won't repeat myself again.

I'm dying to make another addition to my "family" of tattoos, but I haven't come across a design that I would want on my skin for the rest of my life. So the search is still on for my third tattoo...! :D

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sky High V

I have nothing interesting to write about, so I thought that I would continue my 'Sky High' series. All have been clicked using my Olympus digicam. They have been taken over the past few weeks from my first floor balcony. Each time I see the sky go pinkish-orange I just go crazy clicking snaps!

The last two aren't sky pics, but I just thought that the yellow flowers looked pretty.