Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Some people have been quite surprised that my profile picture is actually my own tattoo. So here's the link to the post I had written to commomerate (ahem!) my phoenix tattoo's first birthday!

New Life

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! My exams are over at last! I still can’t believe that I’m finished with my post grad! It still has to sink in! Now all I gotta do is wait for my results, which will be out in July most probably. So one whole month I’m gonna just freak, after which a new life starts! LOL!!

The first week of June I’m going to go to Hyderabad and catch up with all my friends properly after, like aaaaaaaaages! And then I’m going for a tour with my family. We are going to go to Pondicherry, Kovalam Beach, Kanyakumari and a few other places. And after I come back I’m definitely going to put up some pics from this holiday. Hopefully I will be able to click some interesting ones. Kanyakumari is famed for its sunsets and sunrises, so there will definitely be a couple of (who am I kidding? There will probably be hundreds!!) pics of those.

So to start out right now itself, here are a few pics that I had clicked on my Olympus digicam. The pics have been taken over the last three days. And as I’m a big sucker for sunsets, so the pictures are of what else, but sunsets! And to add a bit of variety there are a few pictures of the moon too.

The above was taken in the Panoramic mode. I didn't realize that it would actually brighten the picture! So yes, this is the moon!

Here is another pic in Panoramic mode.

This one has been taken in the normal flash mode.

I'd taken this one on night mode. I don't know about other cameras, but on my camera night mode pretty much sucks! But I decided to give it one more shot, and I think this one has come out quite well. It sort of looks like a fire, but that is just the haze of the street light.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Addition

Here’s a real post after a really looong time. It’s not like I had nothing to talk about, but just that I was feeling really, really lazy to sit down in front of my computer and type out something. So well, here’s some good news for everyone!! :D

My phoenix tattoo was getting quite lonely, since the day he (strange that I should think of it as a he!) had completed one whole year last September. Sooooo… I decided to get him a sibling. It’s an entirely different story that the “sibling” is on my wrist! Yesssss! I have gotten my second tattoo! And I am quite excited to present to everyone the
Chinese Water Symbol on my left wrist:

I quite love it! I wanted it to be a little bit smaller actually, but did not realize how big it would be until I removed the bandage for redressing the next morning. But I love it all the same! And yes, I know I have already said that! But I really do!! :D

I’m gonna get at least one more tattoo, but that’s gonna take a while now; maybe next year. My mother went, “What happened to you?!” when she saw me come home with a bandage around my wrist, and just as soon she screamed, “You got another tattoo didn’t you??!!” My Ma’s so damn clever!! She is of course quite against me getting another one. But well, we’ll see! LOL!!

Well, that’s all I have to report for now. I better get cracking at my books as my final exams start on 12th May and I haven’t started studying yet. Thank the Lord I have only three papers to give! So this is probably going to be my last post for a while to come. Bye! :))