Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bombay Blues

It has been quite cold in Bombay these past few days, which was very, very surprising to me. I’d always come to Bombay in the summer holidays, when it was disgustingly hot, and I’d be sweating buckets throughout my stay. This cold weather’s actually somewhat freakish, according to the Mumbaikars. It was never this cold here before!
Anyway, it is so cold here that I don’t even switch on the fans, which is a rarity for me, because even during the coldest Hyderabadi winter, I’d have at least one fan switched on in my room. And here, am not switching on the fan and still shivering all through the night!
But I love this cold weather. I’d rather be cold than hot and sweaty anytime! But the disadvantage of not being able to switch on the fan is horrific! There are swarms of mosquitoes everywhere! I’ve more mosquito bites on my arms than I care to count! But I’ve managed to kill quite a few of the little pests. Actually I’m becoming quite skilled in the art of mosquito homicide, so much so that I could be called “Urvi the Mosquito Slayer”!! He, he!
But now the humidity is on the rise. I can feel it, each time I walk to and fro from the railway station everyday. My arms are sweaty as hell and my hair is plastered on to my forehead. I know, not a pretty picture!

God knows when I’ll be able to post this entry, my goddamn Internet connection’s not working. The injustice of it all!

My college has at last started in all earnest, and how! Past two days I’ve been waking up at 5:30 am! Very, very unpleasant for someone who likes to wake up after the noon! But, what to do? I’ve to make my own breakfast (at such moments I can’t help but miss my mom. Sob!), and the walk to the station takes about 15 minutes, the ride to Churchgate, where my college is situated, takes another 15 minutes, and it takes another 3-4 minutes to walk to my college from Churchgate station. So I’ve to start out at least 45 minutes in advance everyday. Groan, groan and some more groan!
I can just imagine a certain Ms. VCA chuckling right now, thinking, “Here Urvi goes again! Cribbing, cribbing and more cribbing!” Well, I can’t help it, am in a crabby mood right now. Don’t know what’s happening with me nowadays, am having really wild mood swings. One moment I’m quite pleased with myself, and the way my life’s going, and the next I’m down in the dumps. I’ve never ever had mood swings like these before. I’m not even a moody person, either I’m happy, mad, sad, or plain indifferent, one at a time. Never have my moods oscillated so uncontrollably! And I don’t even know why this is happening. Maybe Bombay really is getting to me. Now I just sound pathetic!
Switch of topics is in order! I’ve just entered this Knock, Knock joke contest on Go 92.5 FM. I’d made up this knock, knock joke long back, ok that was only two years ago! Here’s how it goes:
Knock, knock!
Who’s there?
Annie who?
Annie one home??!
Hehe! I sure do crack myself up at times! :)) Got to go and watch American Idol now. Simon Cowell’s sooooooooo sarcy!! Would never want his acerbic wit to turn on me!

Am back after about 3-4 days. Was very, very sick during those days. Ok, kinda sick. I was down with a viral fever. But I did have a high temperature on Thursday and was feeling very low and tired on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all thanks to those antibiotics I was on. But now I’m fully recovered and so is my computer! Yay! Poor PC was also down with a virus, with 48 files infected, courtesy moi, and my desire to download everything I set my eyes on, on the World Wide Web.
But am glad to inform anyone interested that both my PC and I have recovered wonderfully!
I guess my moodiness of the preceding days was a kind of forewarning or something for my sickness.
And just when I’d started having regular classes, I had to fall sick! Sometimes I really feel like the Fates are conspiring against me. But then I shake off the thought, as I’d rather not believe in destiny. I think people who believe in destiny tend to get complacent. They begin to think, “what is supposed to happen will happen, so no need to do anything about things.” That is such a defeatist attitude, which most Indians are plagued by. If people would only get off their butts and work hard instead of moaning and groaning about their fate, then there would be more Tatas, Ambanis, and also Shahrukh Khans!
Make destiny work for you and not the other way around! And on this very inspirational note, I do end my ramblings. :D


AmitKen said...

Hello Urvi,

reached here thru your comment on :.M.:'s blog. and I am glad that i recahed, you writing style is funny, keep it up..

“Urvi the Mosquito Slayer”!! ..
hahaha :D

Phoenix Rises said...

Amitken - Thanks!

anusha said...

moody urvi?! thts somthing very approachable!!!!! heehee! kidding apart, ur writings are uninhabited and full of life! keep'em comin!

Phoenix Rises said...

uninhabited? i no u meant ininhibited!! hehe!! but thanks all the same!!

Phoenix Rises said...
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