Monday, January 16, 2006

One Whole Year!!

Damn! Not the best way to start, but I just realized that I have completed one whole year of blogging!! Yay! And what a year it was! There were some good times and quite a few bad times! But the good thing is that I've sailed through it relatively unscathed, thank God! And I love blogging so much! Especially as it gives me an opportunity to express my views on a variety of subjects and gripe and complain incessantly about my life and other stuff, even though I'm not as regular as I'd like to be, 'cause sometimes there seems to be just nothing worthwhile to blog about! Sigh! Such is my very boring life at times! But I'd like to take this opportunity to (ahem!) wish my self a very Happy 1st Year of Blogging!! :)) Also I'd like to thank all you wonderful fellow bloggers who actually read whatever I post! Hehe! And my song list is still not complete, so will be posting it on Saturday or Sunday only now. Till then, 'That's all folks'!


the Monk said...

and happy blog b'day to u too...

PRADEEP K. said...


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It is my dream that my blog should become a place of sharing knowledge, a place to discuss, to agree/disagree, and to obtain critiques on my work. I would like to have intellectuals, philosophers, poets, authors, thinkers and visionaries - but most of all - good humans beings visit.

I ask that you honor me with your continued visits and that you comment on any/all of my work as you can make time. I will be frequently updating it with lessons I learn from life, and you are invited to visit as often as you wish, and to spend as much time as you wish in my blog.

Thank you in advance for your time.

P.S.: If you like my blog, do feel free to extend this invitation to any of your friends who may like to share.

amitken said...

appy blog budday to you :o)

have fun! keep blogging!!

niki yokota said...

Happy bday to uuu~
Happy bday to uuu~
Happy bday dear phoenix tatoo-chan ^^
happy bday to uuuuu!!!!
im glad u love blogging so much!
your blog is worth reading at any times. pls keep on blogging xxx

Manish said...

hmmm mubaraq ho tumko aur tumhare is blog ko :)

kickassso said...

i guess its one years worth of dealings huh!

ehhh...happy boithday doc;)

Arz000n said...

Congrats Phoenix!!!

Wooo..Hoooo :)

I'm finishing one yr on blog-o-sphere after 13 days..

Ash said...

happy birthday to u .....happy birthday to u .....

cool now that is everybody is celebrating their blogging birthdays i wanna celebrate them too ....but mine falls this year only on blogsopt at least ..

i will also have my time ..

hey me in hyderabad ,....too
Good day

Arunima said...

Congratulations and continue blogging whatever be the reason.

PuNeEt said...

Congrats to you dear...
thats really great

Your older than me ;-)
I mean ur bloglife is older than mine :-) hehehehee

I'll be completing my one year by mid of next month :-)

great knowing u thru this blog world...

have a great time


Squared said...


>>Such is my very boring life at times

You have a tattoo, how can your life be boring?!?!?

hotICE said...

happy b'day to your blog! way to go!!

keep blogging!!

Nomadic said...

Hi PR,

I've been planning to watch a play for years.
Prithvi calendar listed "Butter and Mashed Banana" for today
I googled "Butter and Mashed Banana" & found ur blog:)

Sounds like a neat play; taking ur tip.
carrying a friend along.

Incase it isnt and you were tryin to trick unsuspecting friends into watching it.
my friend may get pretty mad:)

btw, Happy 1 yr of Bloggin

niki yokota said...

hi phoenix-chan!!
uve been too busy to blog these days??(>_<)
have a happy weekend!!!!

amitken said...

knock.. knock... anybody home?

Gumnaaaam said... whole year...thts a great achievement....

Happy birthday daily-dealings.. :))

Hope to see u here celebrating thousands of blog birthdays :)

Phoenix Rises said...

Hi Monk!
Thanks a lot! :D

Hi Pradeep!
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Hi Amitken!
Thanks! I intend to keep blogging!

Hi Niki!
Thanks so much! :))

Hi Manish!

Hi Kickasso!
Yup it has been! And thanks a lot Bugs!

Hey Arz000n!
Thanks a lot!

Hi Ash!
Thanks to you too.

Hi Arunima!
Thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for the "blog" wishes! :)

Hey Puneet!
Thanks! It seems like all of us are just a few months older or younger than each other in the blogosphere!

Hi Squared!
Thanks! A tattoo doesn't always make a life 'un-boring'!

Hi Nomadic!
You got my blog when you googled?? Wow! That's something huh?
I hope you did go to watch the play and that both you and your friend enjoyed yourselves.
Hey! I don't have to go around tricking unsuspecting friends!! LOL!!

Het Gumnaaam!
Thanks! Thousand blog birhtdays? Main to mar hi jaaoongi! And I mean that literally! :))