Saturday, January 28, 2006

Countdown - Part III

5. Chup Chupke Chup Chupke Chori Se Chori
Movie: Bunty Aur Babli

Music Director: Shankar-Ehsan-Loy

Artists: Sonu Nigam & Mahalaxmi Iyer

I love all the songs from ‘Bunty aur Babli’. But when I was wondering about which one I should select for my list, the answer was simple! It’s gotta be “Chup Chupke”! This song is like “Suraj Hua Maddham” from ‘K3G’. I don’t mean that they sound alike, but they have the same quality. I don’t think I’m explaining myself very well here. But I don’t know how else to explain this! Anyway, once again we have Sonu Nigam and his super smooth voice skillfully accompanied by Mahalaxmi Iyer, and the entire effect is just divine!

4. Jeeya Dhadak Dhadak Jaaye

Movie: Kalyug

Music Director: Anu Malik (Am not sure of this)

Artist: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

This is such a simple song, with simple lyrics but it has been rendered with such emotion by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, just like my all time favourite song “Mann ki Lagan” from ‘Paap’. Did you guys know that he is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s nephew? I didn’t till a few weeks ago when I had read an interview of his in the paper.

3. Aadat (original version)
Album: Aadat
Artist: Jal

The manner in which this song starts gives me goose bumps! It just cuts at you! The lead singer has such a raw, powerful voice! I have heard so many versions of this song including one called “Zaheerili Raatein” from either ‘Chocolate’ or ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’. After a while I guess all of us tend to confuse the movies, which Emraan Hashmi has acted in! The guy’s just all over the place! And then there is the remixed version that appears in ‘Kalyug’. Anyway, Jal’s version is the one I like the best. I had that as my caller tune for the longest while. :)

2. Say Na Say Na
Movie: Bluffmaster

Music Director: Vishal-Shekhar

Artist: Aneela Mirza & Arash

Most people feel that the best song from ‘Bluffmaster’ is “Right Here Right Now”. I too like the song a lot, Abhishek Bachchan rapping away, what more can a girl ask for?! ;) But I just looooooooove “Say Na Say Na”. It is one of the most fun songs ever! Aneela Mirza has such a unique voice! However, I did not care much about the song the first time that I heard it. Then suddenly one day I was listening to the radio and doing something else too, when this song played and I was like, “Wow! This song is fantastic!” It would have been my No.1 song had it not been that my No.1 song for 2005 is (hushed silence, with bated breath!): -

1. Dheere Jalna

Movie: Paheli

Music Director: M. M. Kreem (Keeravani)

Artists: Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal

What can I say about this song? My favourite Indian artist, Sonu Nigam, has sung it. And he has been competently accompanied by Shreya Ghoshal. I liked this song as soon as I heard Sonu Nigam sing the first line, “Dheere jalna, dheere jalna, dheere jalna/ zindagi ki lau par jalna”. I was completely in love with this song right then and there! :)) For some expert commentary on this song you can check out Manish’s blog. It has been explained really beautifully there!


athena said...

Hey!! 25 songs, eh?? how cud ya remember all of them? or didja make a list again?? (i still think swades deserves to be there!!)

Phoenix Rises said...

Hey Athena!
You know me! Of course I made lists! And for the last time, Swades released in 2004!! It does not count!!

Nomadic said...

hey, I did watch the play.
reached the place 2 mins before the play.
It was really good; hilarious!
Thanks :)

Any other interesting places/things to do
you know of?

btw, what do you do?

PuNeEt said...

Am again late here...

I like all these songs
Jiya Dhadak is one of my current favs...

Say na Say na is good for ears n feet... lyrics r very Ok types
Infact my last caller tune song was this only ;-) LOL
I luvd the Sari of Priyanka in this song ;-)
(I luv her also ;-)) LoLz)

take care

Manish said...

will not comment on ur top 5, that will be like spilling the beans :)

Paheli at top, love to see Gulzar's song on top of ur chart!

Though i don't like songs of BluffMaster that much!

Phoenix Rises said...

Hi Nomadic!
Glad you liked the play! I've replied to the other questions on your blog itself.

Hi Puneet!
Not as late as I'm!! :D
I like 'Say na say na' coz the song is so full of beans! The lyrics are nothing to write home about, but the rhythm is damn good!!

Hi Manish!
I didn't understand what you meant by "spilling the beans"????