Thursday, June 16, 2005

G.O.C. - DAY X

At breakfast I wanted to eat cheese dosa, and Ma thought that by cheese they must mean paneer. But I insisted that this isn’t north India, where cheese would mean paneer! Ma asked the steward if cheese meant paneer, and he shook his head and said, “No ma! Cheese is different and paneer is different!” That was just too funny the way he said it, like he was teaching an ignorant child!
This day was filled with viewpoints. They had picturesque names like GREEN VALLEY VIEW, UPPER LAKE VIEW, and so on. We also saw a cave – MULLA, MURRA, or some such name. The actual cave had been barricaded with metal wire because long ago some guy had fallen in and died. There was even a plaque in his remembrance placed there by his son.
At dinner we were served by a very jovial waiter who praised the restaurant to great heights and almost commanded us to come back for lunch the next day!
People who say Tamilians are stuck up, must get their head checked for any loose marbles!

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