Thursday, June 16, 2005


We went to quite a few places on this day. First we went to see a WATERFALL that had no name! It was trés beautiful! It wasn’t a high waterfall, that is, it didn’t fall from a great height, it was more of a cascade of water, and a low bridge was built over it. D and I went down to the rocks from the bridge, while our parents stayed put on the bridge. I took some pictures (that’s what tourists do if you didn’t catch on!).
Two families had also come, and both the husbands and all the kids stripped down to their undies! I was just flabbergasted! It looked like they wanted to take a dip in the waterfall! They obviously didn’t realize that not only was the water frigid, but also fast flowing! People! What can I say?!
After the waterfall we went to RAJAMALAI HILL, on summit of which was the ARAVINIKULAM (not sure about the spelling) NATIONAL PARK, home to the NILGIRI TAHR. They belong to the goat family I think. On the way up we saw a family of four Nilgiri Tahrs: mommy, daddy, and two yeng vuns! Hee hee!
They were quite cute looking, and at the same time intelligent looking too! And they were not at all shy, in fact were quite curious. We were only about 2-3 feet away from them, and did not run away. Of course everyone was very excited to see these elusive creatures, and a great number of pictures was snapped and footage on camera caught. They looked somewhat like gray deer. When we reached the park, a thick blanket of fog covered everything. We had to park our vehicle and walk the rest of the way. We went up a little, after which both parents were tired, so D and I went up a bit further. There was so much fog that water droplets clung to our hair! We could see only about two feet in front of us. We went in search of some animals, but they were all probably deep in the forest, so only after a little while I told D that we should just head back down, as I was getting very tired, climbing the steep incline.
Of course, when we came down our parents pounced on us at once and started shouting, “We told you not to go so high, why did you go? There’s so much fog around. What if you’d gotten lost?” I told them that we had actually gotten slightly off track (I blamed it all on D!), which of course didn’t help matters further! :D
Next we went to a TEA MUSEUM. It was an old colonial house that had been converted in to a museum. It was an interesting place. We saw an old-style stove and a wooden bathtub, just like the ones we see in cartoons! We also saw old telephones, which didn’t even have dialing keys, and also a phone-operating machine. There was lots of old fashioned furniture too. At the back of the museum was a small tea factory, where we saw how tealeaves were ground up, dried and sifted and stuff. The whole place permeated of a strange smell that I thought was a mixture of boiling tea and chlorophyll. After a while it got a bit nauseating.
Ma was very thrilled to see the whole process of tea manufacturing, and went around studying all the machines and equipments thoroughly. I don’t know why, she doesn’t even like tea! But I’ve found out over the years, that Ma is curious about anything new that she encounters. :)
Then we went for lunch to a restaurant called Silver Spoon. A family of four – mother, father, son, and daughter - was seated opposite to our table, and D and I cracked ourselves silly commenting on how they were just sitting staring in to space, not talking at all! We were being really silly and wicked. They were sitting so glumly! Here D and I were bickering and cracking jokes all the time, and there the siblings were just staring morosely in to space! D joked that they are probably just hungry and would cheer up once their food was served to them! But even when their food arrived, they ate in a very glum, bored manner too!
After lunch we went to a gift shop called Kurinji (it’s a plant that flowers every 12 years, it’s going to flower in 2006 now). I bought some gifts for all my friends.
At dinner D was as usual in one of his “silly” moods (come to think of it, he’s always in that mood!). We were talking about how some people use too many words to try and clearly define something, and D suddenly said, “I’ve two daughters, both of them are girls!” I just burst out laughing when I heard that!

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