Thursday, June 16, 2005


Next day we went to BLOSSOM INTERNATIONAL PARK, where we saw a bunch of flowers. We also did pedal boating. At first I just acted like I was pedaling, but then D caught on to me and made me pedal, and would check periodically to see if I was pedaling! He he!
After pedaling I saw a swing hanging from a tree branch and ran towards it before anyone else could sit on it! I just lovvvveeee swinging! It’s the nearest thing to flying through the air!
Then we found this rope suspended in the air and a metal seat attached to it. D and I took turns pushing each other right to the top of the rope and then whizzing down! That was a lot of fun! We even pushed Ma and Dad up, and they too had a lot of fun!
Next we went to MODAPATTY DAM, which is about 81 meters high, I think. It was quite impressive. The bases of the slopes around the dam had been cut into steps by water erosion. Took a couple of pictures here too.
Next we headed to ECHO POINT. But it started pouring cats and dogs. And we couldn’t even get out of the car. On the way back we saw some elephants with mahouts seated atop them. Ma started screaming excitedly at me to take their picture. I was a little slow in switching on the camera and rolling down the window, and by then there was a long line of cars honking behind us, and we had to move on. Ma became quite snippy after that! It would have been funny, if I too weren’t pissed off!
Anyway we just drove off, and the rain lulled me to a semi-conscious state, till we reached T & U, a hotel where we had our lunch. Then we went back to our hotel where my parents went to sleep, D went to call his girlfriend (hee hee! He’s not going to like this!), and I read ‘The Namesake’ by Jhumpa Lahiri. It is a really good book!

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