Friday, June 15, 2007

Sky High VI

I'm in Hyderabad right now, enjoying my one week vacation! So I didn't feel like continuing with the Countdown, instead I thought I would upload some pics I had taken recently of, what else? but the evening sky! I loooooooooooove sunsets! :D

I somehow am still unable to believe that Mumbai has some of the most beautiful sunsets! What with the pollution and all! But I just love looking at the oranges, pinks, peaches and blues that paint the sky during that time of the day...
There are more pics that I had taken of the sky, but those are in my Mumbai PC. I'll add them to this post when I get to Mumbai then.


DalzRulz said...

hey are you doing? Hope u remember me, i've know i've been away for soo long. Don't ask why. Gr8 pics there. I guess you're working now right? What do u do? I'm rather busy these days with some writing n editing. So, enjoy ur holiday. haha, don't even bother with my blog. It's on life support :p (ya, i'm watching too much of Grey's Anatomy, but i love it:) Take care

Manish said...

nice pics of the evening . thx for sharing ! as for the vacation u deserve one after such a hectic work life :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful colors!!
the clouds are amazing, phoenix-chan :)
wish u have fun loving vacation!!