Sunday, June 03, 2007

Countdown 2006 Part II

14. Teri Deewani
Album: Kailasa
Artist: Kailasa
This song is the perfect mix of Sufi and Rock music. Kailash Kher's raw voice adds so much to 'Teri Deewani'. When I first heard the following lines my arms broke into goosebumps!

"Ishq junoon jab hadh se badh jaaye,
Hanste hanste aashiq suli chadh jaaye..."

It wasn't because of the lyrics, but because of how the music swells, and Kher's voice just envelopes you with raw, earthy appeal. It's a powerful song! :)

13. Koi Tumsa Nahi
Movie: Krrish
Music: Rajesh Roshan
Lyrics: Nasir Faraaz
Artists: Sonu Nigam & Shreya Ghoshal

I think that most of the songs from 'Krrish' are very, very average, save "Koi Tumsa Nahi" and "Main Hoon Woh Aasman". I actually did not think much of "Koi Tumsa Nahi" when I had first heard it. But then one day I was listening to the radio and the song came on the opening bars struck me hard, and I have been hooked on to this song ever since! Sonu Nigam, as usual, is wonderful, though I think that Shreya Ghoshal sounds too sickly sweet. But the song's great thanks too Rajesh Roshan's music.

12. Hai Ishq Yeh Kya
Movie: Bas Ek Pal
Music: Pritam
Artists: K. K. & Sunidhi Chauhan

This is a very high energy song! Both K. K. and Sunidhi Chauhan totally rock the song! I have not watched 'Bas Ek Pal', but have heard reviews from people who have, and the consensus is that the movie is quite bizarre! But the songs are quite good! I like "Tere Bin" and the title song too. But this one appeals to me the best!

11. Sohniye
Movie: Aksar
Music: Himesh Reshammiya
Lyrics: Sameer
Artists: K. K. & Sunidhi Chauhan

This song has very average lyrics, what sets it apart is the music and the talented K. K. with Sunidhi Chauhan for company. I have always maintained that Himesh Reshammiya is a better composer than a singer.This is a very passionate song and I like the slow and langourous manner in which it unfolds. The remixed version totally kills the song!


Manish said...

My fav of the lot is teri deewani..followed by Bas Ek Pal's song.
waiting for the next part

amitken said...

yes, teri deewani is much much much better than any of the other songs listed here....

and how've you been... i m trying to get back to blogging! lets hope this time i succeed :)

Anonymous said...

wat is that on his face #13??
looks like batman :D