Monday, January 22, 2007


A few people were wondering if I had abandoned my Mahabaleshwar travelogue midway. Well the thing is I have a problem! My Internet hours at home are over! My brother had taken up this silly scheme, which was supposed to last for the entire month, but got over even before the middle of the month!! :((
And I cannot blog from office, so I will have to just wait till next month! This pushes out my plans to start on my Songs Countdown too, unfortunately.
I have hence decided that I will use the Internet hours more judiciously next month, or just maybe get a better scheme!
Tell then, KANK, as one of my wacky friends loves to say! LOL! :D


Manish said...

Ohh wahin kahun blog update kyun nahin kar rahi ?

are MTNL ka broadband connection le lo sasta bhi hoga aur hours ka chakkar bhi nahin!

niki yokota said...

awww im sooo sorry to hear that!!
plzzz take care, phoenix-chan :)