Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Some people have been quite surprised that my profile picture is actually my own tattoo. So here's the link to the post I had written to commomerate (ahem!) my phoenix tattoo's first birthday!


PuNeEt said...

Even I'm surprised :-)
I knw ur a tatoo person ;-)
and this is a good one :-)


:..M..: said...

Re: previous post. You'll love Kanyakumari. It's such a small cute place. :)

Arz000n said...

I got tattoo too....
on ma left shuolder...
a chinese alphabet which means LOVE
and I Was dying to tell u about it...

but this is tempoarry one :(

mujhe permanenet wala bhi karna hai

amitken said...

we all know how much u love ur tattoos, and you never loose a chance to blog about them...
even this post is a point in case ;-)

Phoenix Rises said...

Hey Puneet!
Welcome back! And thanks a lot!

Hi M!
Small cute place huh? Always wanted to go there coz I've heard glowing remarks about the sunsets n sunrises there.

Hi Arz000n!
Get a permanent one as soon as possible then! You got it in Goa?

Hey Amitken!
LOL!! You seem to know me quite well! Hehe! I'll never leave a chance to blog about tattoos!! :))

niki yokota said...

you are sooo COOL!!!
i cant imagine that pain...OUCHHH!

Phoenix Rises said...

Hey Niki!
It hurt like crazy when I got it done on my wrist! It was like a blade was ripping my skin apart! :(
But it was all worth it! :D