Saturday, February 11, 2006

Angrezi Top Ten

Here is a list of angrezi songs that I had made last month itself, but kept on forgetting to post. I have heard all these songs thanks to GO 92.5 FM. This radio station sure keeps me connected to the world of music, both our Hindi phillum music and the English variety. So gentlemen and ladies now I present to you my Angrezi Top Ten:

10. Don’t Phunk With My Heart
Artist: Black Eyed Peas

Album: Monkey Business

9. Spun
Artist: Flipsyde

Album: We The People

8. Lonely No More
Artist: Rob Thomas

Album: Lonely No More

7. Lay Your Hands
Artist: Simon Webbe

Album: Sanctuary

6. Speed of Sound
Artist: Coldplay

Album: X & Y

5. City of Blinding Lights
Artist: U2

Album: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

4. Reasons
Artist: UB40
Album: Who You Fighting For?

3. Breakaway
Artist: Kelly Clarkson

Album: Breakaway

2. She will be Loved
Artist: Maroon 5

Album: Songs About Jane

1. You’re Beautiful
Artist: James Blunt

Album: Back to Bedlam


niki yokota said...

good day!!
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb??
awww~ funny title(^o^)/
downloaded black eyes peas. they are cool!! thank u sooo much!!!!
i need to listen to other songs today.
btw, love ur weather pixel!! temperature 27C is sooo envy!

The man in the box said...

I've heard only 2 songs from the list. Me no listen to radio or watch TV, so not in touch with the latest music scene which I think has been infested with kalu rock singers. But listen to more of U2 if you can.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

i wish i was a music person ... angrezi music ... no not at all!

but since u've mentioned them on ur blog ... m gonna check out these songs!

waiting for u to take up tht story tag .. (read abt it at puneets blog)


Nomadic said...

happen to go for the jethro tull concert.
you must try them out when you can.
could make their way into your list :)

seems like I need a tv; I dont seem to know much about the present.

btw, I'm in the software line. programmer.
Whats ur name? mines Murali.

Phoenix Rises said...

Hi Niki!
I just looove the BEP!!
My Weather Pixie has changed the color and style of her dress!! I had chosen a green one!

Which of the two songs have you heard? I'm guessing one of 'em is the U2 one.
I've just started listening to U2 thanks to the radio, and I really like their music.

Hi Cheesy!
You don't like listening to only english songs or also Hindi ones? I think my next blog will be the story tag thingie.

Hi Nomadic!
Jethro Tull huh? I'd heard they were in Bombay. Don't think I've ever heard their music.
Well, I think all you need is a radio, and GO 92.5 FM of course, to keep you in touch with the present day music scene.

PuNeEt said...

well this is not my cup of tea ;-)

Arz000n said...


Thanks for addding BEP Phoenix!!!
And yes...I got some kewl nos of Kelly and boy o boy...her voice is amazing :)

COLDPLAY...nice :)

Havent seen u online for like so many u doing??

Phoenix Rises said...

Hi Puneet!
You don't listen to angrezi music huh? Oh well!

Hi Arz000n!
I already told you na that I like BEP? And Kelly Clarkson does have a fantastic voice!

The man in the box said...

Well, U2 obviously and BEP. I've heard all of Coldplay's albums except X & Y. The rest I haven't heard. I'm more into rock and stuff you see!

PuNeEt said...

not much...
very rarely ;-)

rebel_on_loose said...

"You're Beautiful" is a beauty of a song!

s0ulasylum said...

Hey Phoenix..

Enjoyed reading all your posts.. yup actually spent most of my morning doing just that!! .. and yeah BEP is deftly a good buy.. one of my favs.. n so is coldplay.. and U2.. if your into Hip-hop check out these :the latest Beyonce and this guy called Chris Brown .. you might like it too!! :) looking forward to readin more..

Manish said...

Lost touch with the western music as soon as I left college. Agar tumne link diya hota in songs ka to kitna achcha hota!

Gumnaaaam said...

Heyy..Happy V-DAY !

Where had u V-day post...[ ? ]

I commented here but did not published...or may be...something else happened...anyways...I've heard the first and the 10th song of the list...

Rest looking fwd for someone to give links ;)

amitken said...

Gujjob :)

the Monk said...

cool like most of the songs in it too...

Arz000n said...

Where have u disapperead??
Long time no see :(

PuNeEt said...

anybody home ?????

:..M..: said...

Babe. You're one of the few people I know who like James Blunt. Join the gang.

DalzRulz said...

Hi Phoenix, whats up girl? no new post in days now. Well, I got one on mine after ages, if u care to visit. btw..I finished reading one night @...and me too thinks it is cool. well written, simple but drives home the point. Hope the movie turns out as good or better. Ciao.

Phoenix Rises said...

I thought you didn't like rap...

Hey Puneet!
Listen to GO 92.5 FM at times. They play damn good music, both Hindi and English.

Hi Rebel!
It sure is!

Hi s0ulasylum!
Thanks for visitng my blog!
Am glad that you enjoyed reading my stuff!! :D
I like Beyonce, but not all that much.

Hi Manish!
I myself don't have any links to give. But you could check out and hopefully be able to download some of the songs listed here.

Hi Gumnaaam!
Happy V day to you too, albeit, belatedly! I don't care much for V day, probably I have no one to share it with! ;)

Hi Amitken!
Thank you! :)

Hey Monk!
I like all the songs in this list! LOL!! Hmmm... I think I need to go to sleep now; that was one baaaad pj!!

Puneet, Arz000n:
One good thing about being inactive for a while is that one is missed!! :D

Phoenix Rises said...

Hey M!
I gather not many people like James Blunt. I loooove him! He's got a really interesting voice.

Hi Life!
Good that you like "One Night..." I did see that you have updated your blog. Will read it at leisure some otehr time, as now I just gotta go to bed!! *Yawns*