Monday, April 11, 2005

Where is the Stepney?!

Last night my aunt had invited us for dinner at her place. I actually wasn’t very keen on going because I’ve a ton of college work to do. But my brother D said that we better go because we haven’t seen our aunt since she fractured her backbone. So I decided maybe I should take a break from my non-stop record writing, give my right hand a rest and go out for a change.
So we went. And we were late as usual. And D was freaking out as usual about the time I take to get ready!
We had a good enough time. Lots of jokes were cracked and lots of laughs were shared.
It was about 11:30 and D decided that we better get going as he had a 5 am shift the next day. Then my cousin A said something about some Canadian Indian, and he asked us if we would like to see a clip of some sort. We said, “yes”, and were taken to the computer. The clip was about a Canadian Indian who was a standup comedian. He was hilarious! He did accents so well! Chinese, Indian, Jamaican, African etc. etc. after half an hour or so D thought that we really should be going, and A offered to drop us home in his jeep (later I found out why exactly D wanted to rush home – he’s sitting and talking to his girlfriend right now!!).
The jeep was cute looking (D and A would freak out if they read this :D). But the ride was anything but smooth! It was terribly bumpy. I was feeling nauseous in the front seat and D echoed my feelings from the back seat. We were just 15 minutes away from home when a car passed by and a guy in the passenger seat leaned out and shouted something. I didn’t get it, but suddenly A shouted, “the tyre must be punctured!”
We got out of the jeep and saw much to our dismay that the tyre was indeed “punctured”! In fact, it was so hot that the rubber had melted in a few places! A did not know much about changing tyres and I knew naught about the whole business! But thank God my brother; D knew exactly how to do it. He asked A if he had a jack and a stepney. A replied, that he had no idea. They checked the jeep and found everything that they needed. Then they set about changing the tyre (thank God there was a spare one!). It was about 12:30 now.
And while the guys were changing the tyres, what did I do? Felt foolish is what! That’s because I had no idea at all what was to be done, and the guys seemed to have had everything in control, and there really wasn’t much for me to do anyway. But yet I felt kind of silly just standing there looking at them working at changing the tyre. Just then I received an sms from a friend, and began replaying to her what was happening. She replied, “Maybe a good-looking good Samaritan would come by and help you out!” I replied that D and A seemed to have everything in control, and that we were in an area, which really did not boast of “good-looking good Samaritans”!
But a taxi driver did come up and tell D that he should place a rock in front of the jeep so that it does not roll away once the rear tyre was lowered. I pointed out to a rock I saw lying on the pavement, and that was the extent of my contribution to the whole process!
After about 15 to 20 minutes the tyres were exchanged, the nuts bolted on tightly and the jeep was mobile once more! When A started up the jeep we could hear the voices of some men coming out of the speakers. I was wondering which radio station we were tuned into, when I suddenly recognized Sanjay Dutt’s voice. A then realized that the ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ CD was playing (yes, the jeep is equipped with a little screen on which CDs could be watched)! All of us heard Sanjay Dutt’s voice asking, “Was that a tyre bursting or a gun shot?!” D started laughing from behind. How coincidental is that?!
By now we had reached home and we sat in the jeep for sometime watching the movie, till I asked D whether he intended to sit in the jeep the entire night. He suddenly realized that he had a 5 am shift (more like, he had to call up his girlfriend!), and we got down and walked up to our apartment. And 20 minutes later, after having changed my clothes and brushed my teeth, I’m sitting on my computer, typing out this whole daastan!

This is the last entry that I will be posting for sometime now. I couldn’t post anything before too because I do not have the time to do anything except write in my record book. My practicles are in two weeks time, and I still have so much to write, and my exams start in a month’s time and I’ve to start preparing for them too! How I hate studying! Even if the subject is interesting I don’t like studying for it! :( What a bother!
Anyway, I’ll definitely post my next entry as soon as my exams are over. This is goodbye for a while now! :D


AmitKen said...

Heheh.... replacing the Stepney is a memorable incident for me as well, specially because it happened at midnight when we were coming back to Pune from a day long trip to Mahabaleshawar :))

that was the first time i learnt how to use a Jack.

all the best for record writing, exams etc etc.

Anonymous said...

heehee!! wat a coincidence listening to munnabhai m.b.b.s and the tyre reference. Btw, S should have kept reading ur blog. one of us made an appearance in a minor role in ur stepney story!! on second thots, good thing she didnt, coz she will want a special appearance too!!!

Phoenix Rises said...

Hi Amitken! Thanks a lot for your best wishes. My practicals are over and just my theory papers are left!

Hey A! S would definitely want a special appearance, n I think I'll give her one sometime down the line for sure!! Maybe that would make her want to read some of my stuff!! Hehe!! :D

AmitKen said...

Seems u r still enjoying ur exams. hope u get back to blogging soon.

Cheers! and all the best :)

Phoenix Rises said...

Hey!! Exams are over!! Yippee!!

Amitken, does anyone really enjoy exams??? Or were you just kidding about that?? I hate studying!!

AmitKen said...

ofcourse i was kidding. I hate studying tooooo ... :)