Saturday, December 02, 2006

Song in My Head

I always have a song playing in my head. No matter what I'm doing; whether I'm working, or reading a book, or eating, or travelling to and from office, or talking to someone, or just lying in bed waiting to fall alseep or to wake up as the case might be! I always wake up with a song playing in my head. Right now, while typing, "Aaj ki Raat" from "Don" is playing in my head.

While growing up I always thought that everybody has a song playing in their head like I do, that everybody is
programmed like that! But I have recently (pretty late, I must admit!!) found out that that is just not the case! I have met quite a few people who have debunked this theory of mine! Some people seem to have these long conversations going on inside their heads at all times, while others have nothing going on.

It is quite an entertaining thing to have a song playing in my head at all times, especially now that the radio on my cell isn't working!! :(( I don't have to try too hard on trying to bring a song into my head, one (or sometimes two-three) is always playing in my head. It also comes in handy when I'm stuck in boring company! ;) Of course, it can spell trouble when I zone out while a meeting is going on!! LOL!!

I guess I have a song playing in my head at all times because of my passion for music. I cannot imagine living without music! In fact my favourite quote is by Friedrich Nietzche, "Without music, life would be a mistake". I strongly believe that. Well that's about me and the goings on in my head. What usually goes on in your head?? I'd sure like to know that! :)

On an aside, I watched "Dhoom 2" last week, and was thoroughly entertained! It was a
totally masala movie, and you just have to sit back and enjoy the proceedings and not question some instances that just don't add up! Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai have completely stolen show. I'm not a fan of Hrithik at all, but man! did he look hot or what?!! Both my friend J and I drooled over him throughout the movie! LOL!! Another friend of mine put it quite aptly when she said that he looks like a Greek God in "Dhoom 2".
Aishwarya has once again gotten bad reviews, but I thought she carried off her role with much aplomb! I did not expect Aishwarya and Hrithik to share such an amazing chemistry!
Uday Chopra was also kinda cute!! He was really funny with his "Mummy" refrains!
I thought that both Abhishek Bachchan and Bipasha Basu were wasted in the movie and deserved a meatier role.
And apart from all of these good looking actors, what I loved were the stunts carried out with flair and style by Hrithik. Those were quite mind blowing!
In fact I found them so mind blowing that I'm gonna watch the movie again ! :D


Fleiger said...

I am one of those "conversation" types... I am constantly thinking about new posts, new stories, in fact "scenes" in my head.

Dhoom 2 is ok, but I am never a fan of movies where actors overwhelm the movie.

s0ul said...

song in my head, sure thing.. all the time.. everytime.. i would cease to exist otherwise! :P

and u liked dhoom 2???? OMG.. i thought it was like the crappiest movie ever.. hrithik was good, but aish rai shd like shut her mouth like and never like talk like.. :-D can just not get tht part out of my mind where she tells hrithik.." are you like checking me out "? urrghhhh... hahaha... all else aside, how u been???

G Vishwanath said...

Dear "Phoenix Rises",

Sorry to intrude.
You may have forgotten me.
But I remember you.
I am Nakul Krishna's father.
The same Nakul whose play "Butter and mashed banana" you reviewed several months ago in your blog.

Nakul and his friends staged that play again last month at Prithvi Theatres and a few months earlier at the Film and Television Institute at Pune.

I am writing now to convey some good news about Nakul. I feel I must share this news with you.

Nakul had applied for the Rhodes Scholarship this year.
The final interviews were held on Dec 2 and Dec 3 at Delhi.
I am happy to inform you that he was selected as one of the five or six Rhodes Scholars from India this year.
He will be proceeding to Oxford University for pursuing higher studies later this year.

With best wishes,
G Vishwanath

Anonymous said...

hello afyy, its ur dear pal A! songs in ur head, eh? always knew u were wierd! but jokes apart i always imagine scenarios in my head, totally improbable ones, but sooo much fun! Did u know that a lawyer has filed an obscenity case against Ash and HR for their kiss in the movie?? when will pple get a life??

Phoenix Rises said...

Hi Fleiger!
Well, Dhoom-2 had no concrete storyline to speak of, so of course the actors would have overwhelmed the movie! :D

Hey Soul!
Same pinch! LOL!!
Well, if you don't rely on logic, Dhoom-2 is quite an entertaining pic. It's a totally time pass movie! :D
And I've been busy!!! :D

Hi Mr. Vishwanath,
I've not forgotten you at all. In fact I was extremely thrilled to have received a message from you! :)
Please convey my best regards to Nakul.

Hey A!
First of all :P :P You act like you have no wierd qualities at all!!
Yup! I heard this piece of "news"! People will do anything to get their 5 minutes of fame! The kiss (if you could call it that!) in Raja Hindustani was disgusting! I was squirming in my seat when I saw that!! :(

Manish said...

Yet to see Dhoom-II. Hope to see it next week though.

Songs in the head...yes partly true for me espesially when I am alone in home and office...but not in the meetings :p

niki yokota said...

awww is that Hrithik!? i think abhishek-chan looks more attractive. donno why.. ^^
was curious abt this movie. thank u veeery much!!!!
my song in the head today is tatoo's nas de gonya or something. (awww forgot the spelling)
sure its great to have music during meeting lol
good nite!!!!!

Vir said...

Oh I totally relate to the song in the head thing...although in my case it's usually a composition in some Raag. More than once you will find me drumming out the taal on my knee, the table or any other handy surface as I go deeper and deeper into the Raag! Today's raag is Dhulia Malhar...a monsoon raag that I'm very fond of! :D

suparna said...

hey just blog hopped from Manish's page - nice blog uve got!

am a conversation and song-in-my-head person.. i can imagine entire conversations (playing both parts, me and the other person;) .. abt songs, its quite crazy, i generally have one single line that strikes me in the morning, and i keep going on and on with it all day, like those classical singers who keep at one note, doing it in various ways :P

Phoenix Rises said...

Hey Suparna!
Thanks a lot!

Sometimes I play conversations in my head too, and then turn them around, imagine what would have happened if I had said something different....