Saturday, September 09, 2006

Sky High V

I have nothing interesting to write about, so I thought that I would continue my 'Sky High' series. All have been clicked using my Olympus digicam. They have been taken over the past few weeks from my first floor balcony. Each time I see the sky go pinkish-orange I just go crazy clicking snaps!

The last two aren't sky pics, but I just thought that the yellow flowers looked pretty.


DalzRulz said...

Hey Girl, hope you're doing good and hope you remember me. I've not been much into blogging and the Internet in general due to a personal tragedy. Nevertheless, its great to see you're still at it and, hey, i love those pictures. Particularly the ones with the pink sky. I have the same habit, i go click happy when i see interesting things happening in the sky and with the sun going down. What i really really dislike are these horrible cable lines that simply refuse to leave the beautiful sky alone. Hope to see some more, take care and happy clicking. Byeee

niki yokota said...

yeah the pink sky looks Awesome!!!
soooo interesing to see how the colors change time to time (*o*)

~ Deeps ~ said...

nice evening sky...and yeah evenings and morning are the best time to shoot always.......2 things i wanna say
1) u r lil late in capturing these shots......wud have been much brighter and color ful pics otherwise....
2) from my perspective only 3 one is the sole sky of them have quite a many leaves/branches to call them proper sky shots.....

none the less...pic are quite soothing to eyes...........happy shooting :)

s0ulasylum said...

aah quite the fotographer we're turning into aren't we.. miss. pearly whites?? :) cdnt help it.. just saw tht pic of u smiling.. in ur prvs post.. they probably pay obscene amts to get teeth as white as urs lol! hahaha..

Vir said...

Once again, I urge you to find a nice photography course and seriously go for it. You have potential that should be nourished. Great going! :)

fleiger said...

Great photos... my first time here. Will be back soon to read your back-(b)log though.

Don't start psycho-analyzing me from this now ;)

Harish said...

Cool pics

Manish said...

So how's job going ?

Ajit Chouhan said...

Hey nice pics ..liked it ..:-)

Phoenix Rises said...

Hey Dalz!
Long time no see! I did check regularly to see if you'd put up anything new. Welcome back to the Blogosphere! :D
Thanks for the compliments! So you to go "click happy". When are you gonna put up this pics?? :)

Hey Niki!
Thanks a lot! I liked the pink sky a lot myself!

Hey Deeps!
First of all thanks a lot.
1) Thing is na, my balcony is in such a direction that only after the sun has already set quite a lot does the sky turn beautiful colors.
2) There are lotsa trees in front of my balcony, and the beautiful colors peek out from among the branches, while the sky above is grey and colourless! Plus other buildings around block my view, as I'm only on the 1st floor. So I'm making do with whatever I have! :)

Hey Soul!
Heehee! Actually (and I hate saying this!) my teeth aren't all that white. I think that it is the effect of the camera ka flash!!! LOL!!

Hey Vir!
Thanks so much! Maybe someday I will... after the entire ER thing! :D

Hi Fleiger!
That's an unusual name! Thanks a lot! :)
Why would I psychoanalyze you????!!

Hi Harish!
Thanks! :)

Hey Manish!
Job's going good! :)

Hi Ajit!
Thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks... apparently Phoenix was already taken.

And come on... A quick comment, 2 lines, containing virtually no material. I must have given you a lot of material for practise ;)

Manjusha said...

Hey PR! I am a little curious. Where did you get your profile pic from? :)

Phoenix Rises said...

Hey Fleiger!
I still don't understand why I should psychoanalyze you!!!

Hey Manjusha!
That is my Phoenix tattoo! :D

jedi said...

good lord. where did u get to see a pink sky in bombay! and where did u get ur tattoo? been dying to get one. and yea good luck with ur job :)

rebel_on_loose said...

Hey Phoenix!
Sum real kool pics here !!
And yea.... it's great 2 know ur workplace rocks ! :)

Keep up the gud work...

za man said...

u take pictures of da sky as well
gr8 2 know tat some1 shares my interests in the just seem 2 ignore it ..but i always stare at it in de evenings near sunset.............

i think god is an artist and the sky is his canvas ..except it changes daily..jus lovely