Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sleep Deprivation

I'm sooooo very sleepy!! I've taken out a few precious minutes to post! I'm getting only 3-4 hours of sleep every night! Makes me wanna cry!! :(( Even now I can hardly keep my eyes open!! I never thought that clinical psychology would be this tough! Gosh!

I'm sorry for not visiting my fav blogs as regularly as I used to before. I'd love to, but I've hardly any time to sleep itself, you see! I've to get up early even on a Sunday now!! Wh
at could be worse than that??

Well... I think I'll just stop whining and go to sleep now! Wait a minute! I can't!! I've a few psychological tests to score and interpret and cases to write up!! OK, that's it then! I'm sure everybody's had enough of my whining!! Good night!


Rachel said...

Ha ha, I'm always feeling sleep deprived. Hey, I'm special! I'm not a robot, and I'm posting on your blog. Woot! I liked the pictures from your other post too. Check out my blog sometime.

Me said...

good night and sweet dreams....

Squared said...

Sleep tight and get ready for the next day..


Arz000n said...

I too slept for 3 hrs only last night....right now me at ma clients place...and my eyes r dropping coz of sleeepp

good night :)

AmitKen said...

Ohh! Poor kid.. :(

i know that feeling, of being sleep deficient. What you need immediately is a 'weekend therapy'.. though if possible dont wait till the weekend and go thru it anyway...

sleep tight for entire saturday night and don't get up until 12 noon next day. Start your sunday with reading newspaper, chai-pani etc, get some blogging n when ur mom starts shouting curses for your computer... succumb to her wishes n go have lunch, lay down watching some movie or reading a book and in few minutes u'll feel the urge to sleep again. Oblige that urge. keep sleeping till evening... Now u are all set to have a wonderful sunday evening and charged up to take on the mammoth Monday.

The results of this therapy are tried and tested many times by me. Trust me it works wonders after a few weeks of xtreamly hard work.

happy sleeping :o)

Invincible said...

So clinical psychology is acting up !!
I guess the syllabus of every professional courses has a compulsary subject 'phases of insomnia' written between the lines.

So dont read this any futher and sleeeeep !!

Manish said...

Hey Dr Ken ur advice is wonderful !
:) :)

haan to PR follow the routine aur kya
Happy sleeping!

The man in the box said...

sorry to hear of your sleeping problems. Hope you get accustomed to it real quick.

Manjusha said...

I have a friend who has exactly the same tattoo as the one on the profile pic! (Perhaps just very similar). It's posted somewhere on my blog, the last I remember.

Manish said...

Hmmmm so u r too busy! Hope to see u in rest of my quiz :) Take that as another Psycho Test :)

Phoenix Rises said...

First of all, sorrry for replying sooo late!!

Hi Meggin!
Thanks for checking out my blog! I'll return the favor for sure!

Avik, Squared, same to you both, I guess!! :D

Hey Arz000n!
So you know exactly how I feel!!

Hi Amitken!
I've followed exactly what you have described all of my life! In fact, when it is a holiday I never wake up before 12:30 if I can help it! Thanks a lot all the same! :)

Hi Invincible!
You said it!! But this is the first time I'm feeling so sleep deprived!

Hi Manish!
I'm definitly gonna take all of your other tests!! I did quite well on the first one, if I may say so myself!! :D

I really wonder if I'd ever get accustomed to it!!

Hey Manjusha!
I've myself taken this design off the net. It was on the fore arm of some guy.

And one last thing, really sweet for all you guys to be so concerned and giving me sound advice. Thank you!! :)

:..M..: said...

Hehe. I should do the "I told you so" dance now!

I'm off on the 17th.